WC Milestone 5223 P
WC Benelli 2134 P ET x WC Blue Lady 0506 P

dob. 1/12/15 • Polled • M865273 • Click Here For Further Data


Semen: $30/Straw • $35/Signing Fee • Call the ranch or Wright Charolais (816-776-3512)

• Member of the 2016 Denver Grand Champion Pen-of-Three

• Ratios of 114% on weaning, 116% on yearling with a whopping 144% for his adjusted ribeye!

• Structure and soundness second to none. He stands on great feet and can move well front to rear.

• Two powerful donors in his pedigree—JWK Clarice on the top side, WCR Miss L06 5078 ET P on the bottom.

• Three sires in his pedigree known for their maternal prowess—Smokester, 914 & Blue Value

• Ranks in the top 1% for REA, 4% for WW, 7% for Mtl, 9% for YW, 15% for SC, CW & TSI, 20% for MCE and 35% for Milk EPD’s.

• The $125,000 high selling bull in the 2016 Wright Charolais sale

• Co-Owned with Wright Charolais and the remaining members of the Milestone Syndicate


CCC WC Recharge 5105 P ET
LT Rushmore 8060 PLD x Baldridge Sweetheart 7M

dob. 1/4/2015 • Polled • EM866535 • Click Here For Further Data


Semen: $20/Straw • $35/Signing Fee • Call the ranch or Wright Charolais (816-776-3512)

• Flawlessly made son of Rushmore, out of a super donor Baldridge Sweetheart 7M, who has many sons working in purebred herds across the country.

• Superior length of side, outstanding feet and legs—as correct as you can make one.

• Big time spread on this bull—from a 60 lb birthweight to an 800 lb weaning!

• A pedigree built for calving ease maternal and carcass.

• Scanned an adjusted REA of 16.4 with an IMF of 4.0—as much ribeye per cwt as any bull out there.

• Ranks in the top 5% for CE & BW, 6% for Milk, 10% for MTL and 30% for SC.

• You will fall in love with his style and balance!

• Co-owned by Michael and Lauren Sturgess, Jerry and Gwynette Sturgess and Wright Charolais.


JGS Gunman B432
LT Long Shot 1045 Pld x JGS Ms 65M Grace T709

dob. 2/3/2014 • Polled • M847394 • Click Here For Further Data


Semen: $20/Straw • $35/Signing Fee • Call the ranch

• One of our best bulls from the 2014 calf crop. We pulled him out last spring and bred him to cows as a yearling.

• Ratios of 114% on weaning, 110% on yearling, 113% on ribeye with just an 89 lb birthweight and a 41.2 cm yearling scrotal.

• We love his structure and soundness and he is passing it along to his calf crop.

• His dam goes back to one of the best cows we have produced, the L014 cow out of Schurshot.

• Ranks in the top 2% for YW, 4% for TSI, 7% for CW, 9% for WW and 20% for MTL EPD’s.

• Owned by Sturgess Double S


JGS Royal Order B481
LT Royalist 2350 Pld x JGS Ms Tradition Schur U818

dob. 3/27/2014 • Polled • M853008 • Click Here For Further Data


Semen: $20/Straw • $35/Signing Fee • Call the ranch

• One of the highest gaining bulls we have ever raised. Ratios of 154% on weaning and 127% on yearling. He would have had higher yearling, but was mistakenly re-penned with the December-January bulls because he was as big as they were.

• If you like tons of bone, a huge foot and bulls that are loose and free-wheeling, Royal Order is made for you.

• Ranks in the top 1% for WW, YW, MTL & TSI, the top 2% for CW, 15% for Milk and top 25% for REA EPD’s

• Bull traces back to the 7184 cow twice on the top side, and twice to the 1107 cow on the bottom—as much cow power here as any bull we own.

• Owned by Sturgess Double S


WC-LT Sculptor 5155 ET
LT Rio Bravo 3181 P x LT Brenda’s Ease 3055Pld

dob. 2/19/11 • Scurs • EM867173 • Click Here For Further Data


Semen: $20/Straw • $35/Signing Fee

• Pedigree reads as good as you can make one. A full brother to LT Rushmore 8060 AND to Ledger’s mother, LT Brenda 6120 Pld

• If you measured them by the cubic inch, Sculptor has no equal. His internal dimension, spring of rib and depth of body are off the charts.

• His full brother has done an incredible job for Wright Charolais and is known for siring calving ease, maternal and cattle with superior carcass.

• Sculptor shows more growth—ranking in the top 3% for SC, 4% for MTL, 5% for CW, 8% for Milk, 9% for REA, 10% for Marb & TSI, 15% for YW and the top 20% for WW EPD’s

• Rio Bravo pop with that Brenda cow family sizzle.

• Co-owned by Michael and Lauren Sturgess, Jerry and Gwynette Sturgess, Wright Charolais & Lindskov-Thiel Charolais


LT Long Shot 1045 PLD
LT Long Distance 9001 Pld X LT Brenda's Breeze 9245 Pld
dob. 2/19/11 • Polled • M805534 • Click Here For Further Data

Semen: $20/Straw • $35/Signing Fee • Call the ranch or Bovine Elite (979) 693-0388
• Moderate birth, milk and carcass with excellent growth and scrotal.

• We call him "Mr. Structure". His progeny are like him - correct in every way.

• He sires them moderate in frame with lots of depth, rib and muscle.

• 70 head of 2013 & 2014 calves have averaged 78 lbs. at birth - 6 bulls weighing 95-104 lbs.

•The Brenda cow family needs no introduction - superior udders, powerful females.

• Stamps his calf crop—the mark of a great herd sire. You know they are Long Shot at birth, right along through yearling.

• His daughters have super udder structures, are moderate in size and are easy fleshing.

• Our high selling sire group at the 2014 Cavender-Sturgess Double S sale in November. Sired the high selling Charolais bull, JGS Mr LS Thunder A323.

• Long Shot ranks in the top 2% for YW, 7% for WW, 8% for MTL, 30% for Milk, 40% for SC.

• Use him to add structure, depth and spring of rib, performance and fleshing ability.

• Co-owned with Lindskov-Thiel Charolais, Isabel, SD; Jearl Ledbetter, Lockhart, TX
LT Blue Moon 3053 PLD
LT Blue Value 7903 ET X LT Kami 3057 * (Smokester daughter)
dob. 2/27/13 • Polled • M835591 • Click Here For Further Data

Semen: $20/Straw • $35/Signing Fee • Call the ranch or Bovine Elite (979) 693-0388

• Our pick of the 2014 Lindskov-Thiel offering

• Has the bone, foot size, depth of body, spring of rib and the big top of his sire Blue Value, and his grandsire Bluegrass.

• Super disposition bull with moderate birth & growth numbers and excellent milk, scrotal and REA.

• His 12 year old Dam of Distinction has maintained an average weaning ratio of 108 on ten calves. Never flushed, she has produced 3 bull calves that are used in registered Charolais herds that have recorded progeny.

• Ranks in the top 6% for Milk, 7% for Mtl, 8% for REA, 15% for MCE and 20% for SC EPD’s

• We will use him to add muscle, spring or rib, scrotal and rib eye. Most importantly, we want daughters with longevity and production like that of his dam.

• Co-owned with Jearl Ledbetter, Lockhart, TX

• 17 head of calves born in 2015 have averaged 79 lbs at birth, with a high of 88 lbs. His calves are eye appealing and uniform, big topped and big ribbed. Very exciting set of calves with excellent performance to date.

LT Patriot 4004 PLD
dob. 2/10/14 • Polled • M852822 • Click Here For Further Data

$25/straw; $35 signing fee • Call the ranch or Bovine Elite (979) 693-0388

• The $105,000 high selling bull in the 2015 Lindskov-Thiel sale

• Perhaps the most complete Ledger son produced

• His head power & impeccable front end carry into a bull with excellent bone and a big foot, standing on ideal width of base, spring of rib, depth of flank and strong topped. Then you finish off with a long & level hipped bull with a big eye that carries into a thick, square and deep twisted hind quarter. From head to tail—very hard to fault.

• Out of a 1st calf double bred daughter of former Multi-trait and Milk trait leader LT Silver Distance.

• Goes back to carcass king LT Rio Bravo 3181 three times in five generations, adding even more predictability.

• Ranks in the top 1% for TSI, 2% for YW & Mtl, 4% for WW, 6% for MARB, 9% for Milk, 10% for CW, 15% for CE & SC and 20% for BW & REA EPD’s.

• Ledger times one, plus Silver Distance times two equals calving ease times three! Where can you find calving ease, growth, milk, fertility and carcass all rolled into one bull? The answer is Patriot!

• His first calves are exciting, showing plenty of flash. Our heaviest calf to date is an 80 lb ET bull calf out of a donor with a 5.0 BW EPD.

• Co-owned with Lindskov-Thiel, Satterfield Charolais, R Lazy B Ranch, Jess Taylor, Chris Link, Jearl Ledbetter

LT Maricopa 4194 PLD
LT Ledger 0332 P x LT Molly’s Trend 8320 P ET
dob. 3/14/14 • Polled • M852864 • Click Here For Further Data

$20/straw; $35 signing fee • Call the ranch or Bovine Elite (979) 693-0388

• We selected this flawless Ledger son with proven cow power at the 2015 Lindskov-Thiel sale.

• Dam is an 8-year old with a 106% ratio on her first 6 calves.

• Her maternal grand-dam LT PEARL'S BREEZE 2275 P was a donor at LT, recording 18 progeny. She was out of another donor, LT EASE'S PEARL 9034 PLD, who has recorded 26 progeny in the LT and Wright Charolais herds.

• Another complete Ledger son from head to toe. He has excellent structure and can really move out well on both ends. Good headed, strong topped, long sided, thick and smooth from end to end. Excellent disposition as well.

• Ranks in the top 1% for CE, 3% for BW, 4% for MCE, 5% for SC, 20% for CW, 25% for MARB and 35% for Milk, REA and TSI.

• Use him on heifers or anywhere you need a shot of calving ease. Expect small calves that finish strong. KEEP HIS DAUGHTERS!

• 24 calves born to date have averaged 65 lbs at birth. Heifer safe and used in ET program as well. Calves born as much as 14 days early with lots of vigor.

• Co-owned by Michael and Lauren Sturgess & Jerry and Gwynette Sturgess.

CCR Schurshot 1107F7 PET
Schurrtop 5627 x WCR Miss Perfection 1107
dob. 9/27/96 • Polled • M456598 • Click Here For Further Data

Semen available. Call for Pricing.
• The foundation of our cowherd, Schurshot was co-owned with Camp Cooley Ranch and what is now Genex.

• Still ranks in the top 7% for MTL, 9% for CW, 15% for WW, 20% for YW and Milk, 30% for Marb and 35% for REA EPD’s.

•Sired by 5627, who also was the sire of Wyoming Wind 4020, and out of Camp Cooley’s pick of the Wienk Charolais herd, the 1107 cow. She was the foundation of the Camp Cooley Charolais Genetics.

• Daughters, grand-daughters, great grand-daughters still roam our pastures.
LT Royalist 2350
Eatons Royal Dynasty 6164 X LT Brenna 7918 (full sister to Blue Value)
dob. 3/27/12 • Scurred • M820246 • Click Here For Further Data

Semen: $20/Straw • $35/Signing Fee • Volume Discounts

• Moderate birth, excellent growth, milk, SC and REA.

• Big topped, deep sided bull that is an easy keeper.

• Outcross son of Royal Dynasty out of a full sister to Blue Value.

• Spring 2014 calves - 80.6 avg on 17 bulls; 72.6 lb avg on 6 heifers.

• Of the six females listed in his 3-generation pedigree, five rank in the top 20% of the breed for milk, with 3 ranking in the
top 4% of the breed or higher.

• Royalist ranks in the top 3% for REA, 4% for MCE, 8% for Mtl, 10% for Milk, 20% for YW, 25% for CW, 30% for BW & WW, 35% for MARB and the top 40% for CE EPD’s.

• Co-owned with Jearl Ledbetter, Lockhart, TX


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Semen: $20/straw; $35 signing fee
Semen: $20/straw; $35 signing fee
Semen $20/straw; $35 signing fee
Semen: $20/straw; $35 signing fee
LT Long Rifle 1068 PLD
Semen: $20/straw; $35 signing fee
Semen: $20/straw; $35 signing fee
Jerry: 903-343-9009 Michael: 210-867-6863 Jay: 903-681-0726